REFLECTION 5; Response to a question about English teaching.

lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2008

My answer in Judi´s site:

I was wondering how I can help the parents of my ELLs to bridge their own fear of learning English? Any suggestions?


There´s no doubt that parents are essential in their children development. Because of this, create in them a good disposition to learn and to help their children with their English is important. In order to do this I´d try to create activities in which students ask their parents for information ( ex. family recipes, family trees, stories) To make parents feel part of the proccess of learning their children are living can result as a motivating activity for them, and can trigger their interest for English.

I recommend you this site, in it you can find more tips to involve parents in the learning of English.

About my answer:

I think that my answer is based on what we saw in classes about the TIPS (Teachers Involve Parents in Schoolwork). We´ve learnt that the role of parents is important in children education, and that we ,as teachers, must be willing to create links between the students´homes and the school. We have also learnt ,that it is important to take into account our students´ first culture and first language.

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Gina Petrie dijo...

I'm glad to see you found the TIPS info helpful! Good suggestions you make--these would help both parents and kids.