FisHProyect or My POdCast...

viernes, 5 de diciembre de 2008

PODCAST: Fish, Life under the sea.

Intended Students:

This podcast was created to be used with a group of 45 Chilean students, whose first language is Spanish, and who are in 6th grade of middle school. At this level, they have one year of learning English; they are familiarized with the sounds; the spelling ; and some basic vocabulary. These students belong to different social backgrounds, but they share, as most of kids, a clear interest in technology. At this stage of their learning they are ready to work with some grammatical construction, verbs and start to develop some creative writing.


For "The Vertebrates series" the objectives are the following:

Language: Learn comparative structures (, bigger, smalest,etc ), recognize vocabulary related with vertebrates animals ( fur, scales, eggs, cold blood, fins, etc), learn positive and negative structures (Have, Don´t have)

Content: Learn about vertebrates animals, their main characteristics and the differences between different species.

For " Fish: life under the sea" podcast the objectives are the following:

Language: Learn vocabulary related with fish structures ( fins, scales, cold blood, gills), positive and negative structures (have and don´t have)

Content: Become familiar with the diferent parts of fish, discriminate between fish and other species.

This series has taken vertebrate animals as a path to learn language. Mainly because, this topic has a direct relation with contents that the students are revising in other subject, at that level. In this way, this series tries to intergrate contents between different areas of learning.

Elements that make this podcast comprehensible:

This podcast is presented in a multimodality way; attached to the speaking text, are the written words and videos related with them. The series has been thought to be interconnected; vocabulary items are used repeatedly in the different podcast; comparisons between different species relate one with another, and reinforce the contents.

Strategies that based this podcast:

Teaching language through content: This podcast takes the fish as a topic to achieve language learning goals.

Lesson should include the four modes: In the podcast we can experience read and listening. The activities that go next to the podcast; as write sentences; or discuss about the differences between groups of animals, include speaking and writing.

Lessons should have meaning and purpose for learners now: The idea to present a vertebrate animals series is to work with something that is relevant with what the students are doing in other subject, work with something that they know is important for them to learn about.