domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2008


Text tour: the teacher makes a revision of a text and explains all the steps she follows in order to understand it. She gives advices to the students about going first to the images attached to the text ,and used them to get a general idea.

This strategy show us the "thinking-out-loud model" in which the teacher explains how she performs the activity of reading. without giving order, just suggesting what to do to understand a text.

For me this strategy is useful because is not authoritarian. Moreover, The students are eager to learn what your strategies to learn are. How you do it to learn.

Teacher Stories: The teacher tells an authobiographical story. To catch their students attention she uses pantomime and is very expressive with her words.

I think that tell our students a true story about us is great, because with them we can share with them about us, creating stronger relationships with them. It is also important the way in which we tell the story. We can used several non-verbal aids to make our stories funnier and to catch our students attention.

The last strategy was not so clear for me. But I think that the first two are very good and I would like to used them in my class. I like to tell stories but I am not so good with the non-verbal expression (I will have to work on that). Anyway, I think that both startegies help to create an environment of trust in the classroom.

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