REFLECTION 6: If only she knew...

miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2008

It has been very difficult for me to find a situation to critizise. Mainly, because I think that Mrs. Rose is doing a great job with the children she teaches, I have seen everyday how she works and how the students have been proggressing in their learning. It is also true, that the situation which she has to face is not very easy; students from differentes cultures, ages and educational levels.

If I had to make any kind of suggestion to this class. I´d say that Mrs. Rose has to pay more attention in the integration of the different groups that exist in this class. In this clasroom is very common to see students get together with the people of their own country, and speak in their L1.

We have learnt that the acquisition of a language happens in social interaction. In this classroom, you can see a lot of division between the students. This can be explained, because the class is new and the students know each other just since September. Maybe, their are just living a proccess of adjustment. Even though, I think that the teacher can develop some activities to promote the cohesion of the group.

For this purpose I have chosen some sites that can help:

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Gina Petrie dijo...

I am thrilled that it was hard to find something to suggest for the teacher. I see the reason why you say what you say. The last link looks very helpful.