REFLECTION 3: A topic in language education that I want to know more about.

miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008

I´d like to know more about substitute teaching, some advices for this work ,and good strategies to work as a subtitute teacher. During these days in the high school, I´ve faced twice the situation of a substitute teacher in the classroom. These two teachers have shown me that trying to fill the space that another teacher has created is very difficult. In just some minutes the teacher has to stablish a good relation with the students.

This situation made me think about it. I´d like to know if there´s any special place or program to train substitutes teachers. This dimension of the teaching job called my attention also because is common in my country that teachers works as substitutes in the begining of their careers.

Talking with Mrs. Right, the ESL teacher in the school, she told me that here in Spokane substitute teachers need to have a teacher certificate, but that´s not true for all the states in the U.S. In other states, this kind of teachers just need to had finished high school. The situation is similar in my country. there´s no special preparation for substitutes.

Here are some sites related with the teaching as a substitute. I´ve learned through this site three things that a substitute teacher needs to have; they have to be creative and be prepared to face any kind of classroom environment, they need information about almost any topic ,and from my search I can say that substitute teachers don´t have any special preparation. They are available just in the case of an emergency, they are not suppouse to be well prepared teachers.

I think that this kind of teachers need more preparation. The cases I saw here and my experience as a student in Chile tell me that, these characters are just in schools filling the schedule, just keeping the kids in the classroom.

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Gina Petrie dijo...

This is WONDERFUL! I had never thought before about the strategies that you would have to use to quickly step into someone else's shoes. Great topic and great links.